Our Story


Two best friends, Meg + Liz are the founders of Mindful Creators.

Started as a journey to create a more mindful community that could inspire people like you - The 9-5ers, the "go-getters," and the side hustle entrepreneurs looking to find their inner peace along the way. 

Mindful Creators is a health and wellness website aimed at creating mindfulness through the mind, body and spirit while also hosting  community driven “pop-up” sound healing classes in local studios, for special events, corporate wellness activities, private classes and more!

The Mindful Creators Community is a space to learn about your mind, body and soul through practicing mindfulness, physical activity, and nutrition. 

Join us and become a Mindful Creator today by checking our Facebook page to connect with your local community.

We hope you can connect with us, learn from us, and partner with us. 

Make Magic, Live Kind, Spread Joy

-- M+L