Don't wait to be mindful.

Monday on our LIVE we talked about not waiting to be mindful. As I said, I am a stage five procrastinator. Putting things off is basically my middle name. That’s why it was so easy to say that I didn’t have time to put my mindful and meditation practices in motion.

To avoid this I worked really hard in getting a tool belt together that would benefit me and force me to use everything I have learned daily rather than continuously putting it off.

  • I don’t have time is not an excuse. - This is something that we have to learn. I’m going to say it again just to drive the point home. I don’t have time is not an excuse.

    You have time, I promise you. Mindfulness is something that can be practiced quickly. It does not have to be fifteen minutes twice a day (although I encourage you to build up to that.)

    Some examples of a quick mindful practice are:

  • Take a few deep mindful breaths- I use my breath app right on my apple watch.  You can do this virtually anywhere. It’s quick and easy and totally resets you.

  • Remember to take a few moments of gratitude- It’s impossible to be in a bad mood if we feel gratitude. Taking the time to just think of a few things we are grateful for could go such a long way to turn around your day.

  • Really think about what you’re eating when you are eating- This is simple. At some point in the day, you have to eat.  Why not make it a mindfulness practice? Think about what you are eating, where it came from. Think about how grateful you are for having that food. Think about what your body has to do to digest this food. Appreciate yourself and your body in all its glory.

  • Make it a non-negotiable-  I do this by setting an alarm or putting it right into my calendar. If I make it an alarm, and for some reason, I can’t do it right when I set it for I will snooze it so I am able to do it later. The trick here is making it a song you enjoy that will make you happy rather than an annoying buzzing noise. Mindfulness is not a chore. Making it a non-negotiable is taking time for yourself. When you are filling up your own cup, you are able to better serve those around you.

  • Make it a ritual- Megan spoke on our live yesterday about how she loves her morning ritual. She wakes up, drinks her matcha, and meditates. This is her time to get her mind right for her day. How amazing is it that at the beginning of the day, she is letting herself and the universe know that she is important enough to put herself first? Everyone has a different ritual that will suit their needs. For me, I do my morning practice after the gym. If I do it first thing in the morning, I might fall right asleep again.

While it might still seem far fetched to practice mindfulness daily, we must remember to take it one day at a time. As this begins to become a habit, you will begin to see the differences in your life daily.

XX Liz

Elizabeth Recchia