Live Your Life in Gratitude

The ebb and flow of this lesson always gets me. Sometimes it’s easier than others, and sometimes it’s way harder. If this is the first time you are learning about living your life in gratitude enjoy because it’s about to change everything.


What it means?

Living your life in gratitude means finding things to be grateful for. This is easier on good days but it is also important to find things to be grateful for on bad days as well in order for you to get out of that funk.

How can I be grateful on bad days?

Well it really depends on the day. If I’m having a bad day at work, I like to remember the last time my job gave me a great opportunity. Whether it was time off, being able to afford a great meal, or being able to go on a vacation. I hold onto that good memory in my mind and allow it to fill me with gratitude. We shouldn’t live everyday looking into the past or the future but sometimes, when the present is really feeling yucky, it helps to get inspiration from the past or the future.

What gratitude looks like when it’s practiced everyday.

I was at a party this weekend and I was not feeling my best. My migraines have been having a fiesta and my body is suffering. I did not want to be a wet blanket to my husband about the party because I am always sick. So I went. The party was really fun. I was not drinking because of my head but that didn’t stop me from having a good time. Half-way through the party, I was talking and spilled someone’s abandoned drink all over me. I was soaked. Without missing a beat, I just said “ That was refreshing.”  I meant it too! It was hot out ! I didn’t care that I was sticky or that I wasn’t drinking but now smelt like alcohol, I was just happy I was able to cool down for a little bit. I also mentioned I was thankful the drink wasn't colored. Finding even the smallest thing to be thankful for in that moment, allowed the moment to pass without beating myself up about spilling the drink.  


Gratitude can be found in both big and small ways. Just because you’re having a day or a moment where expressing gratitude for something might not be obvious, does not mean it’s not there. Work on finding the gratitude in everyday. As your work continues, this lesson gets easier.

Do not be discouraged if you come away from this lesson either. Often, I lose this lesson for a while. Once I find it again, it’s like a shiny new toy. Enjoy your day in gratitude.


XX Liz