Sound Healing 101

Sounds healing or sound bath. You may have heard these terms with in the last few months and wondered what they were or  what are some of the benefits of sound healing.

Although sound healing is becoming more and more popular, it feels as if there is still some mystery behind it. Sound healing changed my life. So I thought I would share some of my knowledge about sound healing as well as research some unanswered questions I have had.


First of all what is sound healing?

There are different forms of sound healing (which I will go into later.) My preferred form of sound healing though is crystal bowl sound healing. In this form of sound healing, there are seven bowls (one for each chakra.) Each bowl is played to help raise your chakra’s vibration.

Sound healing in general is said to promote overall well being and each form of sound healing has it’s out “healing power.” As humans, we are energy. Sound healing raises the vibration of our energy healing in ways it would take meditation infinitely longer to do. Sound healing helped with my anxiety, as well as overcoming some personal wounds.


Where does sound healing derive from?

Sounds healing has existed in many ancient cultures. We, as humans, crave sound. This is why when we are having a bad day a song can be very powerful. While the most commonly known ancient society who practiced sound healing were the Tibetans, other cultures all over the world were also practicing sound healing and some, way before the Tibetans. It’s impossible to definitively say where sound healing derives from because as soon as we discovered music or sound, we attempted to heal with it.  


What are the different kinds of sound healing today?

While there are many forms of sound healing today, below are some ways sound healing is practiced.

Binaural Beats: Made to be listened to at home through headphones. These beats are said to change brain waves and ease imbalances in the body. I have found success in using binaural beats in, helping me sleep, relaxing myself when I’m feeling jumpy, getting me motivated to get work done, and even aide my creativity. A huge pro about binaural beats is they’re super accessible and specifically made to be done at home.

Crystal Bowls: As touched upon before, crystal bowl healing uses seven bowls, one for each chakra. The bowls are said to align and open up each chakra, promoting overall health. I enjoyed crystal bowl healing so much I had a purchase my own set. While practicing crystal bowl healing, I not only saw improvement in my mental well being, but also my physical health.

Tibetan healing bowls: These are usually made with various metals. These bowls are often linked with alleviating anxiety and depression. They are not necessarily aligned with chakras unlike crystal bowls. These bowls are often integrated into meditation but doctors have also began using them.

Gong: While gongs have been linked to overall both physical and mental well being, they are one of the most widely used forms of sound healing in today’s society. Gong sound healing is said to open up your third eye. Many people experience visions while practicing gong sound healing.


Other forms of sound healing are also practiced worldwide, these are just a few. As with anything else, being open to mental healing allows the process to better work. If you haven’t tried sound healing yet, give it a shot next time you’re struggle we’d love to hear your feedback.

XX Liz