You’re Not Alone

Today as I sat in a local coffee shop (working on the blog) I received a message that was much needed. Let me set the scene.

I walked into the coffee shop to work there for the first time. I am painfully awkward in most situations so naturally I felt very awkward. The shop was packed and I wasn’t sure where to sit. Finally I picked a seat next to a family. I felt a little judged as I was sitting but I pushed it out of my mind and said it was all just my projection of the situation because I felt so awkward.

A few minutes later the woman at the table answered a phone call. I could hear desperation in her voice as she went over all the symptoms she had been facing these past couple of months.  As her conversation went on, I could tell she had been looking for answers for a while.

I immediately texted my husband. I detailed all her symptoms that matched exactly to mine over the past couple of months. My husband’s response was “ Tell her about candida!” My husband is a preacher, meaning he loves to tell everyone and anyone his newest discovery from the podcast he just listened to. I, on the other hand, am not a preacher. I find it very difficult to “preach” to anyone unless they specifically ask me for advice. I told him I obviously was not doing that because I don’t have the guts to.

A few minutes later, her husband got up from the table to use the restroom. I felt her energy pleading me to connect so I engaged. “ Hi, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation with the doctor and I’ve had almost the exact same symptoms.” She lit up ! It was as if I had turned on a light within her.

We went back and forth about what we have been going through. Finally she looked at me and said “ I’m really sorry that you feel this way but it makes me feel so good to have someone else out there who feels the same way I do.” And you know what? I felt the same way. For months I felt like I was crazy. Doctor after doctor rolling their eyes at me or giving me another round of antibiotics I really didn’t want to take. I was run down. Connecting with someone over this made me feel so amazing. It made me think maybe, just maybe, this was a lesson from the universe. In my most isolated fight, I was not alone.

I think my message to you today is “YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”  In any fight that you are fighting, someone is fighting that same fight. Whether it be a sickness, hard financial times, job issues, or grieving; someone is there fighting that fight ready to connect. If there is not an obvious support system readily available, do not be afraid to talk about what you’re going through because there might be someone out there just waiting to connect. One problem is not bigger or smaller than the other we all just need to be there for each other. You’re never alone.

XX Liz