Waking Up With the Sun

In Ayurveda practice, waking up with the sun is part of finding your balance between your mind, body, and spirit while supporting your body’s natural functions. When we sleep in or forgo a morning routine, we carry along heaviness with us throughout the day.  Your morning should be handled with care, not rushing around the house after you pressed snooze for the 15th time, zipping out the door on an empty stomach.


Your morning will set the tone for your entire day. Think about it - if you wake up in a bad mood or stub your toe on the foot of the bed and have that linger throughout the day, your whole day feels that much more heavy. If we start our day with ease and practice a daily regimen, we find a peace within ourselves and create a stepping stone for the rest of the day.


Our morning routines should be looked at as quality time with your best friend - yourself! Get to know yourself, take care of what your body needs and asks you for! It’s okay to test things out, everyone is different and has their own practices that work for their bodies. Take some time to figure out what works best for you.


Most importantly, your morning routine includes waking up with the sun - your mirror and guide. Remember to take this time to manifest and meditate on your intentions for the day - write in your journal, sip on some warm tea, and give thanks for the beautiful day that awaits the golden light that lives within you!


Benefits of a Morning Routine:

  • Increases energy levels

  • Enhances the mood

  • Higher productivity

  • Decreases stress and anxiety


xx Megan