Mea Culpa, Words to Keep Me Forgiving the World For All It Throws At Me

What Mea Culpa means.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary describes mea culpa as “ a formal acknowledgment of personal fault or error.”  

How it relates to me.

I believe in the law of attraction. I also firmly believe happiness in a CHOICE. Are there days when it is easier to be happy than others? Absolutely! This is where this saying comes in.

On days that it is difficult to see the sunny side, where it just feels like everything is going wrong and you are spiraling, it is important to take a step back. What have I done, what have I put out there to allow myself to spiral like this? Take a moment and try to think of when it all started. Was it when your spouse woke you up before your alarm was about to go off? Was in when your kid spilled something so you were on clean up duty in the morning when you already had a million things to do? Was it when a coworker was too distracted when you said good morning and they didn’t acknowledge you? Go back to that moment. If you can’t remember the exact moment try to think of a moment that put you over the edge for the day. Hold that moment in your mind’s eye.

Now forgive yourself for not being perfect and allowing that moment to take control of your mood and emotions. Allow yourself to see this situation from an objective perspective. Relax in the feeling that your whole world isn’t crashing down and this is easily reversible. Acknowledge it was your fault and forgive yourself.

Although we would like others around us to both acknowledge and forgive us, acknowledgement and forgiveness are two things we very rarely award to ourselves. Getting into the practice of acknowledging and forgiving ourselves will rid us of some stuck emotions. When we are in control and not playing the blame game, we feel as if we have more power over our lives and happiness.

How I can relate it to other situations or people who aren’t treating me in the way I would like.

Let’s face it, even at our most positive, heartwarming, loving state there are people or situations that can bring us down. Sometimes (rarely) it’s not our fault. So in these situations what do we do? Take the blame. This is my easiest way out. How do you take the blame and still come out unscathed? It’s tricky but it’s possible. First acknowledge that you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then understand that the situation or person’s attitude at hand has absolutely nothing to do with you. Finally ( and this is the most important part) forgive yourself for experiencing that. Acknowledge your feelings however icky they may be and say it’s okay to feel this way. Then forgive yourself for this and move on from the situations. Holding it with you will only get heavy.


Acknowledging and forgiving yourself does not come overnight. It’s a slow process and you’ll absolutely have trips and bumps along the way. What’s important to remember is that you’re always striving for acknowledgement and forgiveness and not just giving into your emotions playing the woe is me card. It’s overcoming that feeling and getting in touch with yourself. Embracing yourself and the universe in it’s inevitably imperfect state and accepting it for that. Remember that if everything was perfect, without suffering or icky feelings, there would be very little joy. The comparison is what keeps us abundant and grateful in all life can give us.

XX Liz